What to Wear to Your First Clogging Class

Are you new to clogging? Wondering what to wear for your first class??

If you have clogging shoes already, these are ideal! But naturally, we wouldn’t expect you to have shoes already. While you are learning to clog and finding if it’s the right activity for you we recommend any of the following in order of preference

Tap Shoes – these work great because they allow you to start to hear how your movement sounds and they won’t stick to the floor.

Leather Sole Dress Shoes – Flat dress shoes will work as they generally are made of leather and have little to no traction.

Sneakers – Although these are not ideal. You can get away with wearing sneakers for the first couple of weeks. Try to find sneakers with little to no traction on the soles. The more traction the more your feet will stick.

To find the right shoe for your beginner class try moving your feet in a front back motion in your kitchen. The shoe that sticks to the floor the least will be the best one to go with.

We will be placing an order for clogging shoes once classes begin. Clogging shoes run around $85 each including taps.

What Clothing to Wear?
We recommend that you wear workout clothes. Dance pants and a t-shirt are often the most comfortable. Tank tops are allowed but must have a 1″ strap and be supportive. We need to be able to see your feet and arm movements so make sure your clothes aren’t too big.  Adult dancers not performing on a competition team are allowed to wear jeans.  Be sure to check our policies page.

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